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Salon Policies

Cancellation Policy:

48 hours’ notice is required for all cancellations/reschedules. Cancellations/reschedules within 48 hours of booking time will result in a 50% charge of the service amount. Cancellations/reschedules should be done on the booking site sent to you through email and text. 

Should we need to cancel your appointment within 24 hours because of reasons other than natural occurrences (unsafe weather conditions, power outages, or other unforeseen events such as illness or emergencies), we will provide a 10% of the service fee, credit toward your next appointment.


Redo Appointment Policy:

If you ever feel like you are not completely satisfied with our service, please let us know during your appointment or within 3 days after your service has been performed. If we’re notified of your wish for an adjustment, we will consider scheduling you for an adjustment. The price of this adjustment may vary depending on our interpretation of the specific circumstances and can range from no charge to cost of product only, to full price.

Please note that this Agreement does not cover a change in the style or color from the initial request as that would be considered a whole new service in contrast to an adjustment or redo.

Extensions, all extension hair is non-refundable. I do guarantee the install, if you are having any issues with the install I will happily get you in to fix it.


Hair Extension Policy:

Due to the nature of hair extensions and to ensure the highest quality for all our clients, we do not offer refunds on purchased extensions.

However, we stand by the quality of our installation services. If you experience any issues with the installation of your extensions within the first week (7 days) of service, please contact us immediately, and we will address and rectify the situation at no additional cost to you.

It is essential to follow all aftercare instructions provided to ensure the longevity and quality of your extensions. Any issues arising from not following the aftercare instructions will not be covered under this policy.

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