Meet your Mermaid Girl

Hey babes!!

My name is Acaylia Saunders. I am a proud Albertan of 11 years but the Okanagan still calls my name home. Being in Grande Prairie has helped me to grow tremendously, with a family and now my own business.

6 years years ago I trained in hair extensions, my passion for beauty blossomed to now eyelash extensions.

My goal is to have all my girls wake up and be fresh as a mermaid, with minimal effort. I know how busy you all are with family and careers and want to make the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning, less!!


Gorgeous hair and wake up and go lashes, doesn't get much better then that.

photo 2020-03-06, 11 46 55 am.jpg

-Netflix, wine and some buttery popcorn

-Out with the girls for appies, deep fried pickles are my calling.

-Long romantic walks through Homesense and Winners.

-Weight training, I do it for the snacks!

-House plants and attempting to grow my own garden are a real obsession, the mint be going crazy but that's perfect for my Mojitos in the summer months.

-Give me all the true crime shows and podcasts, hubby thinks I'm secretly planning his murder and how to get away with it...

My favourite pass times include